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Forensic Odontology Response to the NIST Report and CIFS Video

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WinID for the Web is a newer version of the original WinID program.  The program has been upgraded to work with newer systems and contains a more robust database management system which allows the user to import multiple files and file types.


If you are a user of the original WinID, you can import your data from the original program into WinID for the Web.


Please click on the link below which will direct you to the website to download the PhotoDoc software.  The WinID for the Web is contained within the PhotoDoc software.  The website also contains some useful information and a manual on the use of the software.


WinID for the Web will allow the user to store all of their data on a local server or personal computer for individual use, however it also has the capability to be networked over the internet for larger scale disasters so members of the response team would be able to access the data remotely and reduce the burden on the local infrastructure.


If users are interested in learning more about the network capability or have any questions or issues, the developer`s contact email is on the website via the link.



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