Dental ID and Bitemark Workshop Now Available

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Updated President’s Message

Check out Paula Brumit President’s message here.


Thanks to our corporate sponsors for the support and dedication to Forensic Odontology.


 – DEXIS delivers innovative, high quality digital imaging solutions to the dental community. The DEXIS digital X-ray system, with its state-of-the art sensor and intuitive, easy-to-use imaging software, provides numerous benefits to you, your practice, and your patients.


Focused Forensics Banner Art

Focused Forensics, headed by Steve Kinney, is an authorized international distributor for the Aribex NOMAD line. Kinney introduced the NOMAD to the world during the 2004 Andaman Sea earthquake and tsunami DVI operations – setting the stage for its global adoption by mass disaster victim identification teams, medical examiners, military and forensic researchers. Focused Forensics also represents Televere’s TigerView imaging acquisition software (which is now linked to WinID).

The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.