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Presidents Message

ABFO Presidents message has been posted here.

abfo committees

ABFO Committees 2023-2024

Standing Committees


Executive Committee
Jackie Reid-President (25)
Eric Wilson-Pres.-Elect (26)
Derek Draft-VP (27)
Mark Eilers Secretary (28)
Kathy Kasper Treasurer (29)
Richard Fixott-Past Pres. (24)


Certificate and Examination
Cathy Law-Chair (24)
Bob Wood (25)
Dirk Van Der Meer (26)
Holland Maness (27)
JP Fancher-Past Chair (23)
EC Liaison-Reid


John McDowell (24)
Gary Berman (25)
Peter Loomis (26)
EC Liaison-Derek Draft


Jim Lewis-Chair (24)
Heath Blockley (BOD Rep)
Holland Maness
Peter Loomis
Rich Fixott-PP


Articles and By-laws
Robin Ainsworth-Chair (24)
Tony Sur (24)
Ruth Smith (25)
Christine Della Grave (25)
David Wold (26)
Haskell Pitluck (non-voting)
EC Liaison-Reid


TBD-Remove from DRM for 2024


Strategic Planning
Jim Lewis-Chair (24)
Jan Westberry
Robin Ainsworth
Paige Smalley
EC Liaison-Eric Wilson


Bitemark Evidence and Patterned Injury
Jim Lewis-Chair (24)
Corinne D’ Anjou
David Senn
John Nase
Derek Draft
Holland Maness
Ken Aschheim
Richard Fixott
EC Liaison-Reid


Dental Identification
Lena Karkalas-Chair (24)
Peter Loomis
Scott Hahn
Gary Berman
Joe Adersaris
Kyle Tanaka
Leigh-Ann Schuerman
Christine Dell Grave
Beverly Hedgepath
David Wold
Paige Smalley
EC Liaison-Wilson


Civil Litigation
Tom David-Chair
Ann Norlander
Chuck Berner
Bruce Schrader
Heath Blockley
Paige Smalley
EC Liaison-Mark Eilers


Human Abuse and Neglect
Larry Dobrin- Chair (24)
Robin Ainsworth (OSAC)
Jennifer Moore
Susan Baker
Lowell Reimer
Kathy Kasper-EC Liaison


Dental Age Assessment
Kathy Kasper-Chair (25)
Derek Draft
JP Fancher
Joe Adserias
James Lewis
John Nase
Corinne D’Anjou
Peter Marsh
Denise Murmann
Jennifer Moore
Jaqueline Reid
EC Liaison-Draft


Public Relations-TDB


AD HOC Committees
Data Security-Derek Draft


Diplomate Development
Paige Smalley
Robin Ainsworth


FSAB Reaccreditation-N/A


Image Series
John Nase


Publication Review Committee- new!
John Nase-Chair (24)
Jim Lewis
Kathy Kasper
David Senn
John McDowell- (need to ask)
Bob Wood- (need to ask)


Governmental Affairs Committee-New!
Ken Aschheim-Chair (24)
David Senn
Robin Ainsworth
Phyllis Ho
John Nase
Joe Adersaris
Richard Fixott
Kathy Kasper (EC)


2024 Workshop
Derek Draft-Overall Workshop Chair
Corinne D’Anjou-Pattern Injury (Bitemark)
Lena Karkalas-Identification




Standards Working Group-Ken Aschheim
FSAB-Robin Ainsworth
ADA-Ken Aschheim
Local Arrangements-TBD
Parliamentarian-Bruce Schrader
Webmaster-Dane Johnson

The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.