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Presidents Message

ABFO Presidents message has been posted here.

president’s message

President’s Message


Fellow Diplomates, it is with sadness and some anxiety I accept the honor and responsibility to be acting President of the ABFO. Roger’s resignations are a loss for all in Forensic Odontology. We will all benefit from his years of service and his work to advance our field for many years to come. I will truly miss Roger’s leadership and guidance this year.


As you should all be aware of by now, the ABFO will be meeting at DFW airport instead of Seattle. I hope my reply to this comment: “We are just trying to understand why such a decision was made because it was not in the best interest of the membership”, will be helpful.

Decision. Diplomates essential to conducting the Certification Exam and basic governance (BOD) were not willing to go to Seattle. They were agreeable to a different location. DFW Hyatt Regency was chosen. All of the C&E Committee and all but 1 of the BOD are planning to attend. DFW is a central location for air travel. One can walk to the hotel from the terminal. The meeting times do not conflict with AAFS.

Best interest of the Membership is to conduct the exam and basic governance functions.


The schedule for our meetings will be Certification Exam Feb 19 and 20, Bitemark Workshop Feb 19, ID Workshop Feb 20, and Annual Business meeting Monday Feb 21. We are looking to have a Sunday Diplomates Dinner also. The Monday meetings will be completed in time to facilitate travel for any who are going on to Seattle. Two Diplomates have volunteered to act as our local committee chairs and are working on local arrangements. Hotel information will be provided as details become available.


From our email discussions many have noted they felt blindsided by the venue change for the meeting. I am dedicated to improving communication to all to prevent similar breaches in the future.


Thank You, Radar
4 October 2021

The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.
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