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Dr. Reid Presidents Message

ABFO Presidents message has been posted here.

2023 New Diplomates

Dr. Susan Baker and Dr. Jennifer Moore.  

president’s message

ABFO Presidents Message Spring 2023


Greeting Diplomates-


Happy Spring to all! If I didn’t mention it in person, it was great to see all those that attended the ABFO meeting in Orlando this year.  It seems like forever since we had a “normal meeting”.  I also wanted to congratulate again and introduce our two newest Diplomates:  Dr. Susan Baker and Dr. Jennifer Moore.  It was indeed my honor to also have been asked to pin Jennifer at her  very first Diplomates meeting.




As many of you may be aware already, the ABFO was successful in obtaining re-accreditation by the FSAB at this year’s meeting in Orlando.  After almost two years of hard work, myself and Dr. J.P Fancher along with our site visit assist from Eric Wilson got the good news, The ABFO is accredited for 5 more years!


As a result of the re-accreditation there are important changes that all diplomates must keep mind as you prepare to re-certify.  Moving forward all applications will be subject to audit.  What this means for all of you?  Simply, please maintain records of all Forensic CE and attendance at meetings. Since you may be asked to provide backup to anything you put down on your application, if selected for audit in your recertifying year.  Additionally, please be aware that upon renewal of yearly dues all will be asked to make an attestation that you are complying and can carry out all the duties of a Board Certified forensic odontologist.  Similar to what we all do when we renew our dental license for the state.


Next year’s AAFS meeting will be held in Denver from February 19-24, 2024.  The ABFO will be holding two (2) workshops on the weekend preceding the meeting.


Pattern Injury Workshop                    Saturday, February 17, 2024

Dental Identification Workshop          Sunday, February 18, 2024


Any diplomate wanting to observe a workshop is welcome to do so as always. However, please make sure you email the Overall workshop chair (Derek Draft) prior to any deadline, of your attendance. Space may become limited due to room size, so first come, first served rules will apply.














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