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recertification procedure and forms

ABFO Recertification Forms

Diplomates of the ABFO are required to recertify every five years in order to maintain their status as “board certified.”  Shortly after the ABFO Annual Meeting in February, the group of Diplomates who are eligible to recertify in a particular year will be contacted and notified of the details of the recertification procedure by the Certification & Examination Committee Recertification Chair.
The recertification procedure is a two-part process:

  1.  An application form must be submitted to the C&E Committee showing the Candidate has met the current requirements for recertification (see the most recent ABFO Diplomates Reference Manual for specific requirements).
  2. The Candidate must successfully complete the online ABFO recertification examination.  This examination is computer-based and may be taken on the Candidate’s own computer at a time and place convenient for the Candidate.  The examination will be made available to the Candidates via ORA, Inc., and the Candidates will be contacted directly by ORA and provided with the necessary URL, username, and password.  ORA will notify the Recertification Chair directly of those Candidates who successfully complete the examination, and no additional documentation is required from the Candidate regarding the online examination. Please note, that the format and logistics of the recertification examination will be changing in the near future in order to meet ABFO accreditation requirements.

The C&E Committee requires the application for recertification and any needed supporting documentation to be submitted in electronic form.  The required recertification application form will be provided to the Candidates by the Recertification Chair, and the form is also available from the ABFO website in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats (below).   Preferred is the MS Word format form, which is a “live” editable form that can easily be filled out using a word processor.  The MS Word form may then be electronically signed if the Candidate has obtained the appropriate digital signature certificate.  Alternatively, either the Word or PDF format form can be downloaded and printed, and then filled out by hand.  The hard-copy form can be physically signed, but then must be scanned in order to be submitted electronically. The completed application form must be submitted to the Certification & Examination Committee via the Recertification Chair at the e-mail address provided below.  (Please note: if the recertification application is not timely received by the Recertification Chair, the ABFO policy noted in the ABFO Diplomates Reference Manual provides the Diplomate’s certification will automatically lapse.)


There are separate fees for the recertification and the online examination.

  1. The Certification & Examination Committee Recertification Chair or the ABFO Treasurer will contact the Candidates regarding the recertification fee. (Currently $150.00)
  2. The Certification & Examination Committee Recertification Chair or ORA, Inc. will contact the Candidates regarding the fee for the online examination.  (Currently $75.00)


Recertification Timeline

  1. The C&E Committee will solicit a list of the year’s recertification candidates from the ABFO Secretary prior to the ABFO Annual Meeting each year.
  2. The C&E Committee will notify Diplomate recertification candidates by March 1steach year of their need to recertify and of the process involved.
  3. ORA, Inc. will provide each candidate with a username and password for online access to the examination once the application has been approved by the C&E Committee, the recertification fee paid to the ABFO Treasurer and the examination fee paid to ORA, Inc.
  4. The due date of the completedapplication, fees and online examination for ABFO recertification is August 15th.


2020 Recertification Chair:
Dr. JP Fancher
ABFO C&E Committee, Recertification Chair


ABFO-Recertification -Documentation-Form-Revised-2019 (PDF Version)

ABFO-Recertification-Documentation-Form-Revised-2019 (Word Version)

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