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ABFO Presidents message has been posted here.

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abfo committees

ABFO Committees 2021-2022

Standing Committees


Executive Committee
Jim Lewis (PP) 23
Rich Fixott (P) 24
Jackie Reid (PE) 25
Eric Wilson (VP) 26
Derek Draft (T) 27
Jan Westberry (S) 28


Certification and Examination
JP Fancher Chair 23
Cathy Law 24
Bob Wood 25
Dirk Van Der Meer 26
Peter Loomis, Past Chair 22
EC Liaison – Fixott


Gary Bell – Chair 23
John McDowell 24
Gary Berman 25
EC Liaison – Fixott


David Senn – Chair 23
Bryan Chrz
Laura Kaiser
Tom David
Jim Lewis PP


Articles and Bylaws
Holland Maness – Chair 23
Dirk Van Der Meer 23
Tony Sur 24
Robin Ainsworth 24
Ruth Smith 25
Christina Della Grave 25
Haskell Pitluck (non-voting)
EC Liaison –Jim Lewis


Paige Smalley – Chair 23
ID Chair Bryan Chrz
BM Chair Bruce Schrader
Civil Lit Chair Bruce Schrader
Age Assessment Chair Kathy Kasper
EC Liaison – Derek Draft


Strategic Planning
Jim Lewis – Chair
Jan Westberry
Holland Maness
Lena Karkalas
EC Liaison – Wilson


Bitemark Evidence and Patterned Injury
Bruce Schrader – Chair 23
Derek Draft
David Senn
Holland Maness
John Mc Dowell
Mark Eilers
Jim Lewis
Corinne D’Anjou
Rich Fixott
EC Liaison – Wilson


Dental Identification
Bryan Chrz – Chair and WinID Subcommittee Chair
Kyle Tanaka – MUP Subcommittee Chair
Gary Berman – MFI Subcommittee Chair
Rick Cardoza – ID Workshop Chair
Joe Adserais
Phyllis Ho
Lena Karkalas
Mitch Kirschbaum
Janice Klim-Lemann
Peter Loomis
Richard Fixott
EC Liaison – Fixott


Civil Litigation
Chair Bruce Schrader
Ann Norrlander
Tom David
Chuck Berner
EC Liaison – Reid


Human Abuse and Neglect
John McDowell – Chair (23)
Robin Ainsworth
Phyllis Ho
John Nase
EC Liaison – Draft


Dental Age Assessment
Kathleen Kasper – Chair (23)
Joe Adserias
Corinne D’Anjou
Derek Draft
JP Fancher
James Lewis
Peter Marsh
Denise Murmann
Jackie Reid
Eric Wilson
John Nase
David Senn
EC Liaison – Draft


Public Relations
Rick Cardoza – Chair (23)
Lena Karkalas
Bruce Schrader
Corinne D’Anjou
EC Liaison – Jan Westberry


AD HOC Committees


Data Security – Derek Draft


Diplomate Development
Paige Smalley – Chair
Derek Draft
Kyle Tanaka


FSAB Reaccreditation
Jackie Reid – Chair
JP Fancher – CE
Rich Fixott
Jan Westberry


Image Series
John Nase – Chair


2023 Workshop
Eric Wilson – Overall Workshop Chair
Kathleen Kasper – DAA Workshop Chair
Bruce Schrader- Civil Litigation Workshop Chair




Standards Working Groups – Ken Aschheim


FSAB – Robin Ainsworth (pending)


ADA – John Kenny


Local Arrangements
Ken Cohrn
Jan Westberry


Parliamentarian – Bruce Schrader


Webmaster – Dane Johnson

The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.