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Bitemark and Dental ID Workshops Now Available

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image series purchase

The ABFO Digital Image Series III is now available and consists of the below components.  Please see order form here for details and review the EULA (End User License Agreement).  The EULA must be signed and returned before it will be shipped.  The order form can be mailed back with payment or you can purchase online and email signed agreement to contact@abfo.org.


Six different PowerPoint Presentations:

-History and Scope of Forensic Odontology
-Dental Identification
-Bite Mark Recognition and Analysis
-Abuse and Neglect
-Dental Autopsy Protocol
-Fatality Incidents – Hurricane Katrina
-Powerpoint Show Tributes to Katrina and the World Trade Center


High Resolution Digital Images in the following categories:


1.       Identification –   plus:

          -Photo ID’s
         – X-Ray ID’s

2.      Bite Marks –   plus:

         -Animal Bites
         -Human Bites
         -Non-bites that mimic human bites
         -Selected bitemark analysis Powerpoint cases

3.      Civil Litigation – plus:

          -Powerpoint Case Presentation

4.      Multiple Fatality Incidents – Images from:

         -Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike
         -Thailand Tsunami
         -Korean Air Flight 801 Crash
         -World Trade Center and Landfill recovery of remains process


Individual images are digitally watermarked. Non self-explanatory images contain information describing what the image depicts in the comments section associated with it. Access to image comments is described in a separate “read me” file.   Lecture notes have been added to numerous Powerpoint slides to assist in guiding the lecturer through each presentation.


The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.
Email: contact@abfo.org