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Presidents Message

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president’s message

President’s Message


Greetings to all,


Amidst the sorrow from the loss of our mentor, colleague, leader and friend Dick Weems I am forwarding this progress report for ABFO 21-22.  Please keep your memories of Dick, Paula, Tom, and Harry in your thought and hearts.


Our meeting in Dallas was successful on many levels, especially with the Certification and examination committee.  All seven of the candidates have successfully completed the all portions of the ABFO Certification Exam.  They are:

Heath Blockley – Hixon, TN

Mark Crumpton – Maryville, TN

Beverly Hedgepeth – Memphis, TN

Lowell Riemer – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Leigh-Ann Schuerman – Cave Creek, AZ

Kyle Tanaka – Seattle, WA

Dave Wold, Chicago, IL

Welcome to all our new Diplomates.  Congratulations for all your hard work, study and perseverance. and thank you to the CE Examination Committee – Drs. Peter Loomis, JP Fancher, Cathy Law, and Ned Turner.


Elections were completed at the DFW Meeting. Results are:

Secretary – Jan Westberry

BOD – Corinne D’Anjou, Robin Ainsworth, and Grace Chung

C&E – Dirk Van Der Meer\Ethics – Gary Berman.

Ned Turner was honored for his 6 years of service on the C&E Committee.  Ned was instrumental in the many improvements in our Examination process.  Scott Hahn was honored for his service on the Ethics Committee.  David Sweet was awarded Diplomate Emeritus status for his years of service and leadership in the ABFO and Forensic Odontology.


The C&E Committee was happy to announce the following Recertifications:

Gary Berman – #117                         Richard Fixott – #97                         Scott Hahn – #158

Ernest Jackson – #111                     Dave Johnson – #112                       John Lewis – #100

Kim Look – #118                                Jackie Reid – #157                             David Senn – #119

Mike Tabor – #102

On other membership matters, we sadly lost four members in this year: Diplomate Emeritus Harry Mincer, Paula Brumit and LT Johnson, and most recently Dick Weems.  Don Simley, David Sweet and Greg Mar retired.  Roger Metcalf resigned.


Our Bitemark Workshop was held on Saturday 2/19 and the ID Workshop on 2/20.  The Bitemark Workshop had 12 Participants and 9 Observers.  Bruce Schrader was Workshop Chair and proctors were Derek Draft, Corinne D’Anjou, David Senn, Jim Lewis, Eric Wilson, Mark Eilers, and Richard Fixott.  The ID Workshop has 11 participants and 5 Observers and several Diplomates attending the morning presentations as well. Rick Cardoza was the ID Workshop Chair and Lena Karkalas, Derek Draft, and Ray Miller the faculty.  The workshops together had a net income was over $11,000.  Many thanks to all who donated their time to teach and mentor our future Diplomates as well as the great attendees.


Instead of the usual Diplomates Dinner, we had a large room for a “buy your own dinner” dinner.  Afterwards we had BYOS presentations from several Diplomates.  We also invited any of the workshop participants to attend as well.   The event was well attended, and the traditional BYOS beverage service was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Scott Hahn for organizing the program and to Kathy Kasper for arranging the meal space at the hotel.  We are planning to do this again next year in Orlando.


After DFW, several of us were fortunate to travel to Seattle and meet up with fellow Diplomates at ASFO and AAFS.  Thanks to Peter Hampl for arranging the gathering at the Elephant and Castle Pub at the Motif Hotel.  Was great to catch up with all there.


We are looking forward to meeting next year in Orlando.  The Dental Age Assessment workshop will be Saturday February 11 and Civil Litigation workshop on Sunday February 12.


Best to you all, Richard -radar-Fixott







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