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Updated President’s Message

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2024 New Diplomates

Dr. Shanetha Collier, DDS  

Forensic Odontology Response to the NIST Report and CIFS Video

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president’s message

President’s Message
March 25, 2024


I would like to thank those who preceded me in the Executive Committee in
preparing me for the office of ABFO President. Especially to Dr. Jim Lewis,
who spent the time and effort to prepare me for the two years as secretary and
beyond. I would like to recognize our Immediate Past-President, Dr. Jacqueline
Reid, for a successful meeting in Denver, CO. We had two fellow diplomates
retire, Dr. Barbara Needell and Dr. Jim McGivney. Dr. McGivney was also
awarded as a Diplomate Emeritus. Dr. McGivney also helped me a great deal
in my forensic journey, and I want to thank him for the time he spent with me.
Both the Pattern Injury Workshop and the ID Workshop were successful and I
would like to thank Dr. Lena Karkalas and Dr. Corrine D’Anjou and their
committee members for their excellent work.


Our new secretary for the board is Dr. Grace Chung, our newest member of the
Board of Directors is Dr. J.P. Francher, on the C&E committee Dr. John Nase,
and Dr. Steve Lojeski for the Ethics Committee.


Last month the ABFO welcomed one new Diplomate who successfully
challenged the ABFO Board Examination. I would like to congratulate Dr.
Shanetha Collier on behalf of the entire membership of the ABFO.
Next year we will meet in Baltimore, MD and are fortunate to have Dr. Warren
Tewes to handle our local arrangements. This year, two Workshops will be
offered by the ABFO which permit attendees to register as either “Participants”
or “Observers”. Those with little experience wishing to attend the Workshops
are encouraged to register as an Observer. The Civil Litigation Workshop is
being chaired by Dr. Tom David with a date and location to be determined. The
Dental Age Assessment Workshop is being chaired by Dr. Kathy Kasper and is
scheduled for Saturday February 15th and Sunday February 16th, 2025
in Baltimore, MD.


Advertisements containing additional information regarding these Workshops
will be posted on the ABFO website soon.
I would also like to include that any diplomate that may know a dentist who is
interested in pursuing forensic odontology to the level of being board certified,
to please contact Dr. Paige Smalley, who is our Chair of the Diplomate
Development Committee. This is the lifeblood of our organization.
I am looking forward to working with this year’s EC Members, our Board of
Directors, Committee Chairs and their memberships and the ABFO at large. If
anyone may need anything, please know that you can contact me.


It is an honor to serve the ABFO and here’s to a successful year,
Dr. Eric Wilson
American Board of Forensic Odontology

The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.