Bitemark Workshop (Attendee)


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Date:        Saturday, February 17, 2024, Denver, CO

Time:        8:00AM – 5:00PM (Room TBA)

Fees:        Full Participants    US$500 part 1 and US$250 part 2

Observers                 US$350


Workshop Objectives:

  1. To provide hands-on training and experience in forensic bitemark recognition and analysis techniques for Participants and Observers.
  2. To provide credit for two (2) of the bitemark cases required for ABFO board exam eligibility if this workshop is successfully completed by a Participant.


All workshop attendees will have the opportunity to access on-line presentations that will focus on recognition of bitemark characteristics, evidence collection from both victim(s) and suspected biter(s), and comparison techniques.  These on-line lectures will be made available after registration has closed.  Among subjects covered will be pertinent topics such as threshold of evidentiary quality, photographic protocols useful in evidence documentation, guidelines for evidence collection from victim(s) and suspected biter(s), basic use of Adobe Photoshop®, report writing, and more.


Full Participants will receive two pattern injury cases which will be given in two separate stages.  Participants are required to work completely independent (i.e., without any assistance from others) in preparation for the February 17, 2024 Workshop.


For Part 1, Participants will be given a case involving pattern injuries and the participant will review the provided evidence and submit a report describing the injuries, determining if any are a bitemark, and providing an analysis of the mechanism of action if determined to be a human bitemark.  The submitted report will be reviewed and if the participant successfully meets the evaluation criteria, they will be given a second pattern injury case for Part 2.  If a participant does not pass Part 1, they will be allowed to continue in the workshop as an observer.


For Part 2, Participants will be required to do a complete analysis and work-up of the evidence provided for the second pattern injury case following ABFO standards and guidelines and submit a final report for review.


At the Workshop, Participants will present their casework and conclusions for the second case to ABFO workshop proctors for scoring.  Constructive evaluation by ABFO proctors will be shared during a question-and-answer session following presentation of each Participant’s case.  Workshop Observers, as well as ABFO members, may attend these case presentations.


Participants whose analytical methods, reports, and opinions successfully meet the current evaluation standards will be given credit for two (2) of the bitemark cases required for ABFO board exam eligibility.  Evaluation criteria will be provided to Participants prior to the Workshop.  Please note that a working knowledge of the Photoshop® software including creating, editing, and saving files such as JPEGs and TIFs; importing and resizing images; changing canvas and image sizes and resolution; overlay creation; and basic image and file management will be essential to satisfactorily complete this workshop.


Deadline for registration as a Workshop Participant is October 1, 2023.  Registration is on a first-come first-served basis and seating is limited.  For more information, please contact Workshop Chair Corinne D’Anjou at