ABFO Annual Meeting Change

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Presidents Message

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ABFO Annual Meeting Change

Dear ABFO Members, Board Examinees, Workshop Attendees, and Interested Others:


After much consultation and consideration by the ABFO Executive Committee, it appears to me that it is in the best interests of our organization to move our 2022 annual meeting to an alternate site rather than the site originally planned.


This difficult decision was not made lightly and was carefully reasoned by the entire EC, and voted on unanimously by the EC.  There is also support from the Certification & Examination Committee for the change.  This change of venue was not originally instigated by the EC, but the initial concerns and impetus came from others within our organization.


Concerns were brought to our attention regarding potential issues of personal safety of our meeting attendees, as well as recent restrictions that have been imposed at the original site due to the COVID pandemic.  We on the EC believed, based in part on two surveys of members–the second of which had an extremely high response rate–that these issues were going to adversely affect attendance of a meeting at the original site in such a way that: a) we would simply not be able to conduct a business meeting, b) probably not have enough proctors for workshops and the Exam, and c) were not likely to have enough members present to hold a BoD meeting or an election.


We recently concluded the EC mid-year meeting which was held at the Hyatt Regency at DFW Airport and that venue seemed to work very well for all the EC members.  DFW Airport is a major hub and offers relatively easy access by air.  We have solicited proposals to host our meeting from both the Hyatt Regency and the Grand Hyatt which are located at airport terminals C and D, respectively, and are currently evaluating those.  Local transportation would not be required as the hotels are on airport property—the meeting would be basically “fly in-fly out.”  However, if members wish to do some exploring, Grapevine, Texas, just outside the airport gate, offers many nice amenities and great restaurants.


The 2022 annual meeting of the ABFO will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel located at the DFW Airport. The Workshops will be held on Saturday February 10 and Sunday February 20 as scheduled.  The ABFO Board exam will be held on Saturday and Sunday also.  The Annual Diplomates and BOD meetings will be held on Monday February 21.  The meetings will be completed by noon. A Sunday dinner is being planned as well.


Again, I hope that you will realize that this decision was difficult for us to make, and we tried to consider all alternatives that we could think of.  It was not made arbitrarily nor unilaterally, but was made with good intentions and ­­trying to accommodate membership’s needs as best we could.  I hope members will recall that our meeting last year at the alternate location in Knoxville went quite well due to the meticulous planning and organizational skills of Past-President Jim Lewis.  Please consider it is beyond anyone’s control that we find ourselves in somewhat similar circumstances once again this year.  I realize that some will not be at all happy with this decision, but, again, I and the Executive Committee truly only want to act in the best interest of our organization and its members.


Best regards,

Roger D Metcalf DDS, D-ABFO

President, ABFO, Inc.

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